Analogical Mania - The Philosophy

by Philipp Eigel, 2012, Fuerth, Germany

As Analogical Mania is an English name, the background of it is best explained in English. You will probably have to read the whole text to understand it, so better stop right now, if you don't have the time to. :-)

Analogical Mania is a disease

In some peoples' lives there comes a point where they get caught by Analogical Mania. It catches you in daily situations, for example when you want to buy a computer screen or a new digital camera. It's the point where you find out that a technical description of a device and the good quality of its analog audio or video signal have nothing to do with each other. Those who have Analogical Mania, suffer from it for life.

You might want to say "Ah, no problem, I am only using digital devices, this won't happen to me." But stop! You are living in an analog world, you ARE analog. Every device that wants to interact with you needs to produce an analog signal. This refers to all of them, be it MP3 player, hifi audio system, CD player, notebook, ... Nothing digital will ever reach your brain. And that's where the problem starts.

A technical specification contains few relevant information for a person suffering from Analogical Mania, because this person knows that the analog signal will not be described there. Of course some manufacturers try to satisfy those customers, they do not only state the digital specs like resolution or bit rate but also information about the analog signal like harmonic distortion or frequency range. But the victim knows that this will never describe the actual quality of the signal, the amount of pleasure you have while listening to the signal, or even the damage that is done to the signal during processing. He knows this because he has experienced this, again and again. Further he knows that you should never trust in the technical information given because you never know where they come from.

So what can you do, when you need to find out about the quality of a device? First of all, read comments of people who have actually tested the device? This might give you a first hint. Secondly, test it! Test it and compare it to other devices directly and build up your own opinion. Don't watch the price tag too closely, a good quality device can be very cheap but sometimes it just isn't. As this testing is a very time consuming job to do, you might understand now why Analogical Mania is called a disease, because it interferes in the social and the working life of those who have it.

What it means for you?

Today is your lucky day! You have found us and we suffer from Analogical Mania. Whether you also do so or not, now you have found a partner that has one important philosophy - achieving a good quality work is our primary objective. But this does not only refer to technical devices, not at all. We know that from the first creative idea to the last tone of a record this good quality can only be achieved by concentrated and sustainable work and has nothing to do with catchy advertising promises and shiny appearance.
Got it? - Let's go for it!